Available Reptiles

In addition to teaching the public about reptiles and amphibians, I breed several species and offer them to the public as pets! I hope to reduce wild-caught reptiles by providing a captive bred alternative. I don't always have reptiles for sale, but below is what's currently available. If you're interested or have any questions, please email me at sales@SnakeDiscovery.com.

Male Conda Morph Hognose Snake

This guy hatched in late 2017, and is slightly small for his age because I can't get him eating frozen/thawed reliably. He's adamant on only eating live pinkies (which he takes down twice weekly without hesitation). He will, on rare occasions, eat frozen/thawed, but prepare to feed mostly live for awhile until you can transition him. Must have previous hognose experience because of his picky eating habits.
Price: $110 plus shipping





Baby Garter Snake Hybrids- SOLD

These cuties are 50% checkered garter snake, 25% ribbon snake, and 25% plains garter. They were an accidental clutch, and babies will either be sold singly or in same-sex pairs/groups to prevent them from producing further hybrids. They're currently eating worms, and being introduced to mice tails as well. Males and females available.
Adoption fee: $35 plus shipping

Shipping is Priority Overnight through Reptiles2You and ranges from $40-50 depending on your zip code. Reptiles can be shipped out on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, for delivery the following morning. Sorry, shipping is only available to the United States.