available reptiles

Baby Snakes

Due to high demand, we rehome our babies via reserved slots on waiting lists. The waiting lists open to the public on March 1st (and a week earlier for all Patreon backers to thank them for their generous support) for the following summer’s babies. When they’re open, you can email me at to be added to the list.
*Update 2/22/21: Due to an overwhelming response, all waiting lists are full for 2021’s babies after opening them to Patreon backers. This has never happened before- Thank you SO much for the interest! I’m sorry if you’re reading this and were unable to get added to the lists. If we have cancellations, or enough babies hatch to have some leftover after going through the waiting lists, we’ll post them under the “Available Reptiles” tab on the website. Keep an eye on the channel for baby updates to see what’s hatching! 

Other Reptiles

 We occasionally have other reptiles for sale or adoption! Sometimes they’re rescues, sometimes they’re extra babies after we go through the waiting list, and occasionally they’re snakes that have retired from breeding. Any available reptiles are listed below.

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