Available Reptiles

In addition to teaching the public about reptiles and amphibians, I breed several species and offer them to the public as pets! I hope to reduce wild-caught reptiles by providing a captive bred alternative. I don't always have reptiles for sale, but below is what's currently available. If you're interested or have any questions, please email me at sales@SnakeDiscovery.com.

Update March 24, 2019: Due to an overwhelming response, all of our waiting lists are now full for 2019's expected babies. Thank you so much for the interest! Here's to hoping we have a very successful season!

Update March 7, 2019:
Our waiting lists for garter snakes and hognose snakes are now full (at over 60 people, wow!). Thanks for all of the interest!

Updated March 4, 2019: Our waiting list for babies of Summer 2019 is now open! Just email me to be added to it. The lists for each species are already quite long however, so being added to it doesn't guarantee you'll be able to claim a baby. We plan on producing garters, bullsnakes, hognoses, African fat tailed geckos, and rat/corn snakes.

Shipping is Priority Overnight through Reptiles2You and typically ranges from $50-60 depending on your zip code. Reptiles can be shipped out on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday, for delivery the following morning. Sorry, shipping is only available to the United States.