Have you ever touched a snapping turtle? This program covers all of Minnesota and Wisconsin’s native turtles! Kids learn what makes turtles so unique when a volunteer gets to “transform” into one! Audience members will see and touch five difference species up close, and learn plenty of turtley-cool facts! Plus, see in-person the differences between turtles and tortoises! We bring 5-6 turtles and 1 tortoise to this program. Due to the turtles’ claws, handling the animals is not offered after this program. Instead, kids are given vegetables and fish to feed the turtles and tortoise!

This program covers reptiles both large and small, common and rare! We slither around the world to meet reptiles from every continent they’re found on. Audience members will learn what a Legless Lizard is, meet a rare species of snake up close, touch a gecko, hold a large boa constrictor, watch a snake eat, and more! Time is reserved after the presentation to touch and hold the reptiles.

This is our most popular program and focuses on the reptiles and amphibians that call Minnesota and Wisconsin home. The audience will get to watch a salamander eat, debunk turtle myths, touch snakes, and more! We bring a tiger salamander, 1-2 native turtles 3-4 native snakes, and 2-4 exotic reptiles (just for fun). Quantity of reptiles depends on length of program booked. Large boa constrictor named Doug makes an appearance at all full-length (45-minute) programs! Time is reserved after the presentation to touch and hold the reptiles for a truly hands-on experience!